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Our adventure began late on a cold night, just a couple of friends hanging out trying to solve the mysteries of the world.  As the night went on they started talking about food and getting hungry, when the biggest mystery of all came about.  WHY CANT WE HAVE OUR FAVORITE FOOD DELIVERED TO US?  And so it began!!!  Introducing Team Dash N Dine!  A friendly group of people with one goal in common, Delivering Branson!!!!  So let us know how we do, order your favorite items off our simple menus from your favorite local and area restaurants and have a blast with our drivers!!!!  CALL (417) DELIVER (335-4837) We are delivering for restaurants now!!! Branson Restaurants Deliver!! No need to find take out or settle for the same delivery every time. We will Pick up your Take out! And, soon you will be able to order from our featured restaurants directly online, and have it delivered to your door. We are proud to serve customers with a reliable delivery service, helping local and area restaurants serve more.


We have established incredible relationships with the Branson Area Restaurants that are listed below. We are currently building menus for each restaurant, so that soon you will be able to purchase you lunch and dinner directly from our website. As for now, all you have to do is call the restaurant, and place a to go or take out order. Then you can call (417)-DELIVER 335-4837 and we will go pick the order up and deliver it to you. WE CAN’T WAIT TO FEED YOU!!!!!

Little Hacienda Branson/ Hollister  Open every day for lunch and dinner. 9 Treasure Lake Rd, Branson, MO 65616  (417) 335-2008 Branson Hollister Phone # 417-337-9491    www.littlehaciendabranson.com/menu.html

Coming soon La Piazza Gourmet Italiano  COMING SOON!!!

Time Out Sports Bar & Grill Branson        3265 Falls Pkwy, Branson, MO 65616      (417) 337-8463     www.timeoutbranson.com/menu.php

Bumsteads Branson Location  417-334-4548

Hong Kong Buffet 1206 W 76 Country Blvd Branson, MO 417-334-2727     www.hongkongbranson.com

Express Lunch and Dinner menus coming soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Dash N Dine currently offers delivery for everyone, from our guests in the City of Branson Missouri just visiting, to our wonderful local fans in the surrounding residential areas. CALL (417)-DELIVER to find out about our delivery process and to confirm your delivery area.
Monday – Saturday11am – 3pm and 5pm – 10pmClosed on Sunday 
Please bare with us as we are building our site. Week by Week, Team DND is working hard to make it easier for you to order from us. For now, you may contact us at (417) DELIVER 335-4837. TO HEAR ABOUT OUR DELIVERY AND ORDERING PROCESS. In the near future you will be able to place an order directly from our website to your favorite Branson area restaurants. We will also be excepting orders over the phone, you can speak to one of our live Dash N Dine representatives any time, and we will be happy to help you in any way possible. We are currently in the process of establishing great relationships with our local and area Restaurants here in Branson, Mo. We are also currently building the menu options for the restaurants we already have a relationship with. We do not offer full menus . Our menu’s consist of the most popular items from the most popular area restaurants in Branson, Mo, an “express menu” for the restaurants we gain relationships with. If you wish to make a large order you may online with a 24 hour notice via email or contact us directly by phone. ( 417) Deliver 335-4837. 
 The average delivery time varies depending on several things; size of your order, which restaurant, time of day and how far away you are. We typically quote between 20 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes for lunch or dinner deliveries. We request that any family event, company party or any large orders be placed 24hours in advance. You can schedule any delivery with in minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even months in advance. 
 The Delivery fee is currently at an off season discount of $6 for local and residential delivery per restaurant pick up. The delivery fee for hotels, resorts, or vacation rentals is $8. Any order over $100 will be charged 15% of the final bill instead of either delivery fee. When placing a large order, for events or parties, fees and gratuity will be discussed via email or over the phone. We offer a lot of wonderful food options for your small business parties, family reunions, weddings, or if you are relaxing at home and just want something to eat!!!(GRATUITY FOR THE DRIVERS IS NEVER INCLUDED IN ANY REGULAR RESTAURANT ORDERS!!! ) OUR DRIVERS WILL HAVE FUN WITH YOU SO HAVE FUN WITH THEM, WE CANT WAIT TO FEED YOU!!!!! There is a  food minimum, $10 for lunch and $20 for dinner before tax for all restaurants. Tax and drinks or other items sold by dash-n-dine that are added to your order do not count towards the restaurant food minimum. 
 Business:Cash, Credit Card, Company Check (company check address must match delivery address) and dash-n-dine Gift Cards.

Residential/Hotel: Cash, Credit Card, and dash-n-dine Gift Cards. (We do not accept personal checks)

If you are paying with cash and have a bill larger than $20.00, please either leave a note on your online order or tell us over the phone. Our drivers do not carry enough change to break large bills without notice. If a driver doesn’t have change, then they will have to take the bill to a gas station to make change.We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover credit cards.The easiest way to order with us right now is to call the restaurant, place the order as if it were a take out order. Then call (417) DELIVER 335-4837 and we will take your address and information than dispatch a driver to pick up the food and bring it to you. Remember Dash N Dine is working extremely hard to make it easier to order from us. As of right now we do not process cards over the internet, but that will change shortly. The card must be present, so the driver may swipe the card at the door. We use a secure wireless credit card application to process cards. You may run the card as a credit or as a debit at the door. Please be prepared and have the card ready when the driver arrives, thank you.If it’s not possible to have the credit card present for the driver at the door, then please call us at to make arrangements. If arrangements are not made, you may not receive your order or your account may be blocked until past due amount is paid.We do accept multiple credit cards per order. Just let your driver know who is paying for what. 
Because of our large delivery area and number of restaurants, “be patient with us”, we will deliver from multiple restaurants on the same order and get the orders to you as quick as possible. A delivery charge will be placed on each separate restaurants final bill. The order minimum and delivery fee will apply per order. Your separate orders may be delivered by separate drivers and may be delivered at different times depending on the selected restaurants. 
Once an order has been placed it cannot be canceled. Exceptions may be made by contacting dispatch within 5 min of the order being placed. Once an order has been submitted, the restaurant starts cooking and the driver starts driving. Placing an order without the intent to pay is a crime “misdemeanor fraud, source: BRANSON POLICE DEPARTMENT.
Our Menu is very simple and the restaurants we deal with have chosen their top selling items to offer you for delivery to your home, office, resort, or hotel. Call us immediately if there is a problem, we will deal with the restaurant, and work to fix any problem that may occur.

We do not issue full refunds for orders. Should you have an issue with your food, we will be happy to look into the issue and speak with the restaurant. 

Gratuity is not included on delivery orders. In general we suggest tipping a driver just as you would a server in a restaurant.

All our drivers use a mobile credit card application, and can take tips at the door either cash or credit. You will either have the opportunity to write a tip in or enter an amount on the application, depending whether you pay debit or credit. 

In an effort to offer the highest level of service dash-n-dine reserves the right to implement an automatic gratuity to any order/account at our discretion.

Yes, if you have a food coupon for one of our items offered from a specific restaurant then the restaurant will except it.
Yes! But we are not a catering company. We will simply pick up large orders of food, and deliver the food to you. We recommend you place large orders at least a couple hours in advance. Some even larger orders may require a 24 hour notice. An order for 8 people or an order exceeding $100 or more is considered a large order to Dash N Dine. All large orders have an automatic 15% gratuity added, plus the custom price of the delivery. The delivery price is based off of the size of the order and the number of restaurants we have to go to. The price can average around 15% of the final bill.
When ordering lunch on a regular work day, local employees can enjoy food from any restaurant on our website.  If ordering for a business lunch or meeting, you can expect to pay one delivery fee total for all the restaurants we deliver from.

We also offer scheduled business deliveries, if you would like to have food delivered on a specific day every month, please call us to get set on a business plan and we will help to make your life easier by handling the food deliveries, (417) DELIVER 335-4837 Call US to find out more!!!.

Only one last thing, if for whatever reason a customer has become uncivil, then dash-n-dine has the right to refuse service. If any customer is unruly and/or uses foul language, then we will either disconnect and block a call or block an address from placing orders. If we all work together, Dash N Dine will work hard to deliver fast, friendly service to Branson, Missouri.

If for any reason money is owed to dash-n-dine for food that has been delivered. Then your account and address may be blocked until payment has been made. This does include roommates and family members at the same address. If you think your account has been blocked by mistake, please call our dispatcher to resolve the issue.


Like what we do?  Give us your ideas on how we can serve you better?  Tell us what restaurants you would like to see offer menus on our site, or just take the time to comment, say “Hi”, and let us know how we’re doing!  Not only will you help us get better, but we will also sign you up for our newsletter so you can receive special offeres from the DND team!

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