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Our adventure began late one winter night in Branson MO. Two friends just hanging out trying to solve the mysteries of the world, when the biggest mystery of all came about.  WHY CANT WE HAVE OUR FAVORITE FOOD DELIVERED TO US? So it began!!!  Introducing Team DND!  A friendly group of people with one goal in common, Delivering Branson!!!!  So let us know how we do, order your favorite items off our simple menus from your favorite local and area restaurants and have a blast with our drivers!!!!  CALL (417) DELIVER (335-4837)  TO ORDER FROM OUR ONLINE MENUS. WE NOW EXCEPT ONLINE PAYMENTS WITH PAYPAL!! YOU CAN USE VISA, MC, OR AMERICAN EXPRESS, AND EVEN DISCOVER!!. Call us and we will help you place your order today!!. We are delivering for restaurants now!!! We are proud to serve customers with reliable delivery service, helping local and area restaurants serve more.


Frequently Asked Questions

Dash N Dine currently offers Restaurant and food delivery to, Condo’s, Resort’s, Hotel’s, Motel’s, Campgrounds, Campers, RV’s, Trailers, Fifth Wheels, Boat Docks, Hollars, Country Clubs, Churches, and family reunions. We deliver from Restaurants all over Branson, MO. Whether you’re just visiting, or you’re part of our incredible local Branson Community. If you have any questions about our service or process, or you just want to chat about our menus.                                                                                                                                     Call Us!! (417)-DELIVER.
Monday – Saturday 11am – 3pm and 5pm – 10pm (We may be open later during the busy season in Branson)   Closed on Sundays                                                                                                       Remember we are here to help our local restaurants serve more food, and we want you guys to eat it! We work hard for lunch and dinner to bring incredibly delicious food right to your door. We are always open to any suggestions on how we can better serve you.  Like us on Facebook and tell us how we do. You will see photos of the dash-n-drivers out delivering to you!! Some of the different restaurant hours may vary.
Very simple. Our Partnered Restaurants are the Restaurants that have menus on our website. We have teamed up with the Restaurants on our website to offer online menus updated weekly!!! The Restaurants with menus on our site will give you the most efficient and cost effective service. You can order the popular items from each of the restaurants menus directly from our website and we will deliver the food straight to you. Call us to place any order! You may also enjoy placing your order for delivery or take out from our online menus. Whether you call or order online we will dispatch a dashndriver to satisfy your food delivery needs in Branson, MO. So if your favorite restaurant is not on our site. Then we encourage you to vote for them on our social media sites. We are so proud of our new Restaurant Relationships and we will be adding more in the near future. Our Partnered  Restaurants come with great online, and over the phone, “real folks to talk to, ” service through Dash N Dine. We are happy to tell you all about our Partnered Restaurants. Call us with any questions about our menus, and ordering process.  
Week by Week, Team DND is working hard to make it easier for you to order from us. Our online menus allow you to order your food the way you would like it prepared. The menus on our site also give you the ability to chose side items and extra items, as well. All prices include tax. Once you have completed your order online you will receive a delivery total, and then you will be directed to complete the check out process. All payments online are processed through PayPal.  Purchasing online with Dash-n-Dine is easy.  Dash N Dine will except VISA, AMEX, DISCOVER, MASTER CARD AND PAYPAL. Once you check out a receipt will be sent to you via email or text. Dash N Dine will then dispatch a dash-n-driver to pick up your order and deliver it to the address provided. You may contact us at:           (417) DELIVER 335-4837.   We offer “Express Menus”  a compilation of some of the most popular restaurants in Branson, MO. Our menus consist of the most popular items from the most popular area restaurants in Branson. Take a look at our variety of menu’s offered by some of the best places to eat in town!! If you need help with your decision, feel free to call us! Dash N Dine will help you with placing your order. “THE GOOD STUFF.” If you wish to make a large order you may online with a 24 hour notice via email or contact us directly by phone.       (417) DELIVER 335-4837.
The average delivery time varies depending on several things, the size of your order, which restaurant, time of day and how far away you are located. We typically quote between thirty minutes to one hour and a half from the time the order is placed. Remember Restaurants can take as long as 10 minutes to 30 minutes to prepare the food, sometimes longer depending on the size of the order, and the time of the year. It does not mean your food will be cold. Dash N Dine delivers from Branson area Restaurants very quickly. We are locals if we have to we will cut through some woods!  We request that any family event, company party or any large orders be placed 24hours in advance. You can schedule any delivery within minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even months in advance.
There is an $6 delivery fee associated with any order placed up to $50.00 with any restaurant. The delivery does increase in cost based on the dollar amount of each order placed with dash-n-dine.com or any local and area restaurants. For example, a family that places a $100 food order with any restaurant can expect to pay $15 for the delivery fee. The delivery fee is an average cost of around 15% of the bill. So you can have your favorite food items from your favorite Branson restaurants delivered to your door for less than the standard tip of 20%. Now that  is service!!! Remember to tip our drivers. Our best deal on delivery is with our partnered restaurants featured on our website. Your prices online include all “TAXES, “ and right before you check out completely you will see your delivery fee and the total amount of your purchase online with Dash N Dine. The food minimum purchase is $20. We will deliver to certain areas outside of Branson. Depending on how far you are outside of our area, will determine your delivery fee.  Call us for information on pricing to deliver to your area.  Our dash-n-drivers are mobile waiters, and waitress’ and they love what they do. When placing a large order, for events or parties, fees and gratuity will be discussed via email or over the phone. We offer many wonderful food options for your small business parties, family reunions, weddings, or if you are relaxing at home and just want something to eat!!!(GRATUITY FOR THE DRIVERS IS NEVER INCLUDED ON ANY REGULAR RESTAURANT ORDERS!!) OUR DRIVERS WILL HAVE FUN WITH YOU SO HAVE FUN WITH THEM, WE CANT WAIT TO FEED YOU!!! Tax and drinks or other items sold by dash-n-dine that are added to your order do not count towards the restaurant food minimum.  
Dash-n-Dine will except Cash, Credit Cards, Company Check (company check address must match the delivery address) and dash-n-dine Gift Cards.

 Residential/Hotel: Cash, Credit Cards, and dash-n-dine Gift Cards. (We do not accept personal checks) 

If you are paying with cash and have a bill larger than $20, please either leave a note on your online order or tell us over the phone. Our drivers do not carry enough change to break large bills without notice. If a driver does not have change, then they will have to take the bill to a gas station to make the change. We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, and Paypal. All Credit Card payments online or over the phone with Dash-N-Dine are processed through PayPal. The easiest way to order with us is to take a look at the menus on the Dash N Dine website, and  then call one of our Dash-N-Dine representatives at (417) DELIVER 335-4837 and we will help you decide what you would like from our Partnered Restaurants on our website. Remember Dash N Dine is working extremely hard to make it easier to order from us. As of right now we do not process cards over the internet, but that will change shortly. A card must be present so the driver may swipe the card at the door. We use a secure wireless credit card reader to process cards. Please be prepared and have a card ready when the driver arrives! If it  is not possible to have a credit card present for the driver at the door, then please call us at to make arrangements. If arrangements are not made, you may not receive your order or your account may be blocked until past due amount is paid.We do accept multiple credit cards per order. Just let your driver know who is paying for what.
Because of our large delivery area and number of restaurants, “be patient with us, ” we will deliver from multi-restaurants on the same order and get the orders to you as quick as possible. The delivery fee for, multi-restaurant deliveries will equal a percentage of all orders added together. Your separate orders may be delivered by separate drivers and may be delivered at different times depending on the selected restaurants.
Once an order has been placed it cannot be canceled. Exceptions may be made by contacting dispatch within 5 min of the order being placed. Once an order has been submitted, the restaurant starts cooking and the driver starts driving. Placing an order without the intent to pay is a crime. Source: BRANSON POLICE DEPARTMENT. 
Our menus were designed by our Partnered Restaurants who have carefully selected each of their top selling items to offer you for delivery to your home, office, resort, or hotel. Call us immediately if there is a problem, we will deal with the restaurant, and work to fix any problem that may occur.We do not issue full refunds for incorrect orders. Dash N Dine drivers are not responsible for any disease, illness, infection, parasite, any other life threatening situation caused by the process of preparing food. We do not cook your food, we only deliver it. Our drivers will walk into a restaurant and place all your food items in a special delivery bag designed to keep your food warm. Then our dash-n-drivers deliver the food directly to you. If we do not deliver the food within the time frame stated in the above “FAQ” section titled, “How long does it take for delivery? ” then we will take full responsibility. Should you have an issue with your food, we will be happy to look into the issue and speak with the restaurant on your behalf.
Gratuity is not included on delivery orders. In general we suggest tipping a driver just as you would a server in a restaurant. All our drivers use a mobile credit card application and can take tips at the door either cash or credit. 

In an effort to offer the highest level of service dash-n-dine reserves the right to implement an automatic gratuity to any order/account at our discretion.

Yes, if you have a food coupon for one of our items offered from a particular restaurant then the restaurant will except it. Dash N Dine will also except coupons for online purchasing that were issued by our partnered restaurants.
Yes! However, we are not a catering company. We will only pick up large orders of food, and deliver the food to you. We recommend you place large orders at least a couple hours in advance. Some even larger orders may require a            24 hour notice. An order for eight people or more is considered a large order to Dash N Dine. The delivery price is based off of the size of the order and the number of restaurants we have to go to. The price can average around 15% of the final bill.
Be on the look out for Dash N Dine employee, and local discount cards. We will deliver to any Business Meeting, Company Function, Company Parties, or any other planned event. Call Dash N Dine to plan restaurant delivery for the next event.We also offer scheduled business deliveries, if you would like to have food delivered on a specific day every month, please call us to get set on a business plan and we will help to make your life easier by handling the food deliveries, (417) DELIVER 335-4837  Call Us!! to find out more!!!.
Customers may set up, daily monthly or weekly deliveries for a friend or family, as well as Company office employees. Call us for more information.
Only one last thing, if for whatever reason a customer has become uncivil, then dash-n-dine has the right to refuse service. If any customer is unruly and/or uses foul language, then we will either disconnect and block a call or block an address from placing orders. If we all work together, Dash N Dine will work hard to deliver fast, friendly service to Branson, Missouri.

If for any reason money is owed to dash-n-dine.com or Dash N Dine LLC  for food that has been delivered. Then your account and address may be blocked until payment has been made. This does include roommates and family members at the same address. If you think your account has been blocked by mistake, please call our dispatcher to resolve the issue.


Like what we do?  Give us your ideas on how we can serve you better?  Tell us what restaurants you would like to see offer menus on our site, or just take the time to comment, say “Hi”, and let us know how we’re doing!  Not only will you help us get better, but we will also sign you up for our newsletter so you can receive special offeres from the DND team!

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